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Fossil resources such as coal, oil and gas are now limited and far too valuable to burn in large power plants to produce electricity. In addition, this traditional way of generating energy pollutes the environment and the climate. By building a photovoltaic system, you can directly support the preservation of our environment. Many large open spaces can be usefully used to generate solar energy.

The construction of a solar system is an investment in the future. On the one hand, solar power helps to preserve our environment for future generations, on the other hand, a photovoltaic system is also an economic investment. The prices of system components, especially solar modules, have fallen by about 90% over the past 10 years. Thus, the operation of grid-connected solar power systems is now economically attractive even without state funding.

Photovoltaic is an extremely environmentally friendly, low-noise and effective method of electrical energy generation. Solar power plants are very low maintenance, since there are no moving components used, as is the case with wind turbines and hydroelectric power plants.