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Who Are We?

Since its foundation in 2005 in Schweinfurt/Germany, 1A-Solar-Projekt has worked very hard to become one of the leading international solar system integrators.

Our company is specialized in developing, designing, mounting, and operating mid-size and large-scale solar parks. Our independence from brands and manufacturers enables us to always offer our clients optimum tailor-made solutions while giving us total flexibility to react to changing market conditions.

Mission, vision and values

  • Our mission: “Save the crude, use the full power of sun”
  • Our vision: ”See the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible, and be the pioneers to make the solar energy main source of electricity in the Middle East”
  • Our values are based on transparency, trust and the commitment to our clients to give the highest level of service without compromise.

Service range

1A-Solar-Projekt is integration of a number of recognized, certified and bankable manufacturers of modules, inverters and mounting systems in Europe and China. All our partners are certified and fully comply with high industrial quality standards.

1A-Solar-Projekt provides complete solar solutions and currently has more than 30 MWp in operation in different parts of the world. Additionally, we have over 450 MWp in basic design in the following countries:

  • ca. 275 MWp in Germany
  • ca. 30 MWp in Bulgaria
  • ca. 45 MWp in Italy
  • ca. 60 MWp in France
  • ca. 3 MWp in Saudi Arabia
  • ca. 50 MWp in various countries

Our service range covers all necessary aspects for a successful project completion of a photovoltaic installation:

  • economical conception
  • company foundation
  • property procurement
  • project engineering
  • completion of the permitting procedure
  • EPC / BOS
  • monitoring
  • maintenance
  • insurances

We are a highly committed team with an excellent track record

Industrial partners

  • 1A-Solar-Projekt has partnerships with a number of recognized, certified and bankable industrial constructors and developers.
  • Our partners have extensive experience in constructing high quality solar photovoltaic parks and have proven track records internationally.
  • They are also regulated by government and comply with the latest industry specifications and quality standards (ISO9001:2000).

1A-Solar-Projekt in the Middle East region

Continuously falling costs of solar power, excellent fit to demand patterns, and rising regional gas prices, mean that PV is now economically viable or close to it in most Middle East countries, overturning conventional wisdom.

With oil or LNG prices above $80/barrel oil solar PV projects become commercially viable in the generation mix without the need for subsidies. This break-even price will fall as solar power costs continue to drop.

To take advantage of this opportunity, 1A-Solar-Projekt decided years ago to join forces with local partners in various Middle East countries, such as U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman etc.

These strategic alliances combine 1A-Solar-Projekt’s proven photovoltaic technical know-how with our partners excellent reputation and network in their countries.